Christmas blessings and gratitude

It is Christmas Eve, a special time to reflect on our blessings, and here we are. Poor little Miles is sick with a nasty virus, as he always seems to be on Christmas, but he is such a sweet little trooper and still somehow gives us some smiles today.


Our family is still rubbing its eyes and looking out the back of our house in disbelief. Thanks to Jason Lajeunesse and many giving individuals, we now have a stunningly beautiful accessible addition that is framed, roofed, and weathertight. Windows and doors are in, four original antique beams hang gloriously in the cathedral ceiling, and the personality of the space is starting to shine. Folks have made wonderful unexpected donations that are helping us defray the costs of needed materials that we are now sourcing.


It has been a gift to meet the many volunteers on weekends, to invite them in and introduce them to Miles and chat or share a meal. These are real people with their own families and obligations who are choosing to give Miles their time to build something great. Crews of all sizes come and work outside even when it’s frigidly cold, despite rain or snow or high wind warnings. Family helps us get great lunches on the table, and with childcare and last-minute materials pick-ups or you-name-it. Others prepare and transport lunches for crews. Gurus of all kinds advise us on how best to make spaces accessible for Miles’ future as well as present needs. All told, this loving team is turning our house into our “forever home,” a place where we can stay and care for Miles as he grows, and as we age. They’re giving him safe bathing and countless new opportunities for his inclusion, independent mobility, and comfort.

That’s a lot of presents, from a lot of people, for our family. We are feeling an off-the-charts kind of gratitude and wonderment about it. Trust me, we go back into the new space all the time to just look around, breathe deeply, and try to process the enormous generosity that it took to get here.

We look forward to finishing the project and sharing it with everyone, and then finding ways to pay it forward and to help others similarly in 2014 and beyond.

Merry Christmas and THANK YOU for making it an extra joyous Christmas in our growing house.

IMG_6666 IMG_6683 IMG_6707 IMG_6710

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  1. Nonni & Pops
    Dec 26, 2013 @ 17:42:41

    Tears of joy and gratitude . It has been incredible to see the crews of volunteers giving their precious time and energy. Nonni & Pops can hardly wait until our precious Miles will have the use of his new accessible bathroom. Many people don’t understand the care Miles needs every day. God Bless all the volunteer crews and their families.


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