BIG IMMEDIATE NEED for Septic and Haul-Away Labor

Many volunteers are moving this project along beautifully, and they all have our deepest gratitude. We’re ready to pour the basement floor and start framing next weekend! Check it out.

IMG_6548 IMG_6546


Our builder Jason is working hard to get all the appropriate volunteers. He’s having a tough time finding help in several areas. Can you help spread the word?

CRITICAL NEED #1 (as of 11/4/13) –

Septic installation company to help for 1.5- 2.5 days to:

• Excavate/remove existing cesspool/ haul and dispose at pit 2 miles away

• Expose existing waste lines from house and to leech field

• Excavate hole for new septic tank

• Connect existing waste lines and repair as required

• Backfill

 (Tank, materials, aggregates provided. Need company with machine, operator and truck for hauling.)

CRITICAL NEED #2 (as of 11/4/13) –

Removal of approx. 80 yard of material from excavation

Machine/operator to load triaxel

Operator, machine and triaxel/or operator and machine/and trucking provided

WHO DO YOU KNOW who can help? We treat our volunteers very well, tell great jokes on the job site (so WE think!), and send them off with a surf and turf lunch.

Thanks for spreading the word that Miles’ project needs some extra hands right now.


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