Wish list

Many services and materials have generously been pledged for the BARN Project.

Here is the wish list of what is still needed:

CRITICAL NEED – **foundation company to pour concrete walls** DONATED!
shell labor DONATED!
framing DONATED!
roofing labor DONATED!
siding installation DONATED!
electrician DONATED!
plumber DONATED!

• 6’-wide French door (hinged in middle, one unit fixed, one operating or standard inswing French door) DONATED!
• 3068 fiberglass door 6 panel – outswing DONATED!
electrical wire DONATED!
electrical devices DONATED!
masonry materials for pellet stove insert hearth and wall (underlayments, cements, grouts, cultured stone/stone) PURCHASED
tile materials (underlayments, cements, grout) PURCHASED
interior wall and trim paint PURCHASED
landscaping plant materials PURCHASED
pavers for accessible walkway DONATED AT DISCOUNT!
decking materials  PURCHASED

Donations can be made here toward our additional expenses for Miles’ new spaces.


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