The final phase!


After a brutal winter here in Maine, it is finally warming up outside to assist our final phase. Stephen has worked diligently through the winter on the project with awe-inspiring motivation, endurance, and patience. He has provided a considerable amount of the interior labor himself, especially carpentry, and does beautiful work. He will need some serious time off when this is done!

The bathroom has been tiled and the glass shower wall hung, and it looks AMAZING. We found a fantastic 3-inch-thick tree slab sink surround locally that Stephen prepped this weekend. Talented crews are donating their time to hang the exterior shakes on Saturdays.

IMG_6964 IMG_6913 IMG_6963 IMG_6962 IMG_6915 IMG_6960

Jason continues to work hard to find new subcontractors and to provide us with all sorts of expert advice and great ideas. Michelle has been busy holding down the homestead, sourcing materials, and planning the space details for usability and accessibility. The grandparents have provided generous support in many ways. Miles’ home nurses Will and Tammy have provided very helpful staffing for him while we are so busy every weekend.

We have been plodding along with consistent progress, but very soon there will be huge payback as the new spaces start to be completed. Right now it still doesn’t seem real that we will actually be using this new home addition this summer. It’s going to be thrilling and overwhelming for sure.

Miles is doing very well overall. He just took delivery of a new wheelchair, so we are making sure the new space is optimized to accommodate it. They keep him very busy at his wonderful special-purpose school–he has even started weekly therapeutic horseback riding. We are anxious for him to have a wide-open space for his walker, and for the return of safe bathing in his new shower.

Happy springtime, and stay tuned for the much-anticipated culmination of this accessibility project.



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